Healthy snacks to-go for families on the go

The UK’s First science-backed snacks, made from natural ingredients! A super healthy nutrition in a pack supporting active families at any age.



ProYouth Nutrition was born as a healthy alternative snack on-the-go, supporting active lifestyles!

Right nutrition is key not only to stay energised, recover fast, minimise injuries and improve but also to create long term healthy habits and feel your best.

ProYouth has been created with Science and Nutrition experts to be clean, real foods based, natural snacks on-the-go.

Our focus is to create recipes with key nutrients that are well balanced to support mental and physical performance and to be bio-availble, gut friendly for optimun results. Best part is we made it suitable for both children's digestive needs and adults too.

That's why we've created snacks thats will keep active lifestyle nutritionally fuelled when on the go until your next plate of healthy meal. 

Be Your Best with Best Nutritional Choices

Is there such a thing as science-backed and nutritionally balanced ready-to-go snacks made with real, great-tasting ingredients?

The experts at ProYouth Nutrition says YES. Nutrition scientists, professional athletes, coaches, and leading publications agree!


Shortlisted for Great British Entrepreneur Awards
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A true delight for your taste buds with Vanilla Performance Energy Bars that not only tastes great but also is a source of nutrients

Delicious banana flavoured Natural Performance Energy Bars with scrumptious real banana flakes which is a source of nutrients.

Rich chocolate brownie flavoured bars which are a source of nutrients.

Why Proyouth

ProYouth Nutrition snack, is equivalent of one well-balanced meal with protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

ProYouth Nutrition is a Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020 Food and Drink Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and 2021 Disrupter of the year Finalist.

Trusted and recommended by professional athletes and coaches


I bought the choco brownie flavour and my kids love it. It tastes great and gives them the boost they need after their jam packed MMA sessions. Must admit I love these bars too.

Mr. K. Kannathasan
United Kingdom

As a coach, I see young people have energy crashes. To avoid this you need to top up energy sources & minerals. ProYouth bars are great as they're nutritionally well balanced

Russell Arnold, Former Professional Cricketer, High Performance Coach & International Cricket Commentator

I wanted to get something for my 12 year old to have after football training and spotted these, normally she has a bar of chocolate after and I came to the conclusion that just shoving a load of refined sugar down her isn't really helpful.

Frank Healy
United Kingdom

We like our kids to do plenty of exercise and play lots of sport and we tried these bars as an alternative to the usual sugary snacks they crave after school. They taste great and they look nice too. They are quite large so fill the hole without having to give them anything else. Will definitely buy again.

Mrs P.
United Kingdom

The bars are excellent. I always have one before or after training, either to get me fuelled up or refuelling after. They taste great & the research and quality put in it is definitely greater when compared to the others I’ve tried in the past.

David Olaoye, Professional Footballer, London / Czech

I bought the vanilla flavour and loved it so bought the chocolate flavour to try it out. My kids loved it. Almost like a chocolate treat but healthy. Tastes like chocolate brownie !! Glad i have both flavours to keep them going!

Amazon Repeat Purchaser

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