Sustainability Policy

As a brand that champions the grassroots movement we want to do whatever we can even if we are only a small start-up brand, to preserve the future of our next generations and the generations to come. We believe that environmental awareness and climate change are essential concerns that affect our generation and above all those to come.

ProYouth’s sustainability action plan addresses four areas:
Supply chain and sourcing 2. Packaging 3. Inventory management & Logistics, 4. Low carbon footprint. 
Supply chain:
Our supply chain partners are have been evaluated for their suitability policy. Our supply chain facility is UK based business and have an economic, social & environmental mission, set up in 2017 and Products are bought at fair prices and using innovative Technology  solutions and energy creation, drying process of raw materials is improved and products increasing shelf life of products. End to end process is through education, capacity building, innovative technology solutions, training and support and job creation, poverty reduction from Farmers in Africa all the way to UK manufacturing team. 

As from Feb 2022 we have become a member of OPRL scheme which aims to deliver a simple, consistent UK-wide recycling to help consumers reuse and recycle more material correctly, more often. Our Packaging material including the film wrap are now recyclable and have the Recycle Symbol on it. 

Inventory Management
Warehousing and inventory management of stock has been localised to minimise movement between warehouse and fulfilment office to cut unnecessary carbon print.  

Low Carbon footprint
Travels even at domestic level is undertaken only if deemed necessary. Teams are setup at remote working virtual teams leaving less carbon print on the environment. From a retail sale point of view, ‘bulk buy’ price incentives in place to encourage more is sales with less carbon print  impact. 

The above contributes to cost efficiencies,  waste reduction.