Frequently Asked Questions

Young athletes have different nutritional requirements and less mature digestive system. Using sports nutrition designed for adult may result not only in overconsumption of certain nutrients that may be hard to digest by the younger athlete but also may contain supplements or ingredients that may be unsafe for them. Additionally we have seen a lot of children turn to sweets and drinks that contain a high amounts of refined sugar in the hope it will give the 'energy kick'. This could have a long term harming effects to body. This is why we created ProYOUth to be an healthy option that young people can have before or after workout. It is on months of research evidence and developed by working with Sports and Exercise Scientists, Nutritionists and experts to specifically suit the profile of young athletes and active children.

Children under the age of 16 who undertake more than 4 hours of sports activity per week fall into this category

Anyone can eat ProYouth bars. Infact out customers tell us it’s not just the young athletes who like to eat our products but parents too as the nutrients are derived from natural ingredients

We are not claiming our bars to suddenly turn everyone into a sports star, however we spent a lot of time and work selecting macro and micronutrients that support sports performance. Whilst the bar contains nutrients such as Vitamins B5 (8%), B2 (6%), E (14%), Calcium (12%), K (5%) we are proud to claim that ProYOUth has been specially created with key macro and micronutrients to be source of:

- Protein (10%) * which helps growth and maintenance of muscle.
- Copper (34%) * that supports energy yielding and glucose metabolism.
- Vitamin B12 (45%) * supporting reduction of tiredness and fatigue
- Phosphorus (17%), Magnesium (16%), Potassium (19%), & Manganese (23%) which supports energy production, reduction of fatigue, provide electrolyte balance in helping body’s hydration and iron transport
(*Percentages stated as % of NRV)

.No single product can work miracles and we are not claiming our bars to be a miracle working product. However we particularly focussed on nutrients that can be benenefital to sporty and active children. The additional health benefits linked to the nutrients listed in FAQ 4 which the bars are a source of, are listed below. - Maintenance of connective tissues

- Maintenance of the normal function of the nervous system
- Maintenance of skin and hair pigment
- Maintenance of the normal function of the immune system
- Protection of DNA, Proteins and Lipids from oxidative damage
- Neurotransmission and muscle contraction including heart muscle
- Maintenance of bones and teeth
- Contribution to normal formation of connective tissue
- Metabolism of fatty acids
- Function of cell membranes
- Muscular and neurological function
- Maintenance of Blood pressure
- Gut microbiome stability vital for nutritional absorption of this age group

We understand it is difficult, near impossible, to eat the required nutrients in a healthy way to sustain young people’s training both physically and mentally. Large volumes of food pre and post exercise may not be functional nor practical. As ProYOUth is a healthy nutrient dense snack made from whole food ingredients, it supports both pre 'work out' nutrition as well as post activity recovery. It can be a useful as a substitute during time pressed occasions. However, our advice is to use this as a part of everyday healthy diet.

The ingredients in ProYOUth target gut microbiome stability, an imperative additional benefit for this age group as their gut microbiome is still developing. A stable and diverse microbiota ensures their ability to absorb nutrients, manage the sustained psychological stress involved in competitive sports, and prevent adult onset non-communicable diseases.

ProYouth bars are quite rich in taste and texture and nutrients. A good way to enjoy is to eat half the bar one hour before and the remainder within half hour of workout.

Currently we only offer 3 flavours, but we are working with our experts to extend our range of flavours and also more range of products. Watch the space ☺

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They are vegetarian but not vegan.

Whilst our bars do not gluten free ingredients they are made in a factory that handles other cereal bars containing gluten. For this reason we have not given in GF labelling.

No, our products contain Whey Protein and therefore they are not Dairy free