The start up story

Im Marina mum to 2 bubbly kids who love to stay active through various sports and clubs.

After school is often a rush to clubs. As a fussy easter, my daughter particularly struggled with low energy levels, especially when she joined a competitive swimming squad at the age of 8. I learnt from speaking to other parents that it's a huge challenge to find a handy snack to take with you when you are rushing off to training. Like me, they too were looking for a more nutritional snack on the go to keep kids filled until meal times and not sugar loaded cereal bars.

Sadly, adult protein or sports snacks contained ingredients that were not safe or had the levels not suitable for young people. They can cause stomach cramps and could be damaging in the long run. I didn't want to feed my children with products that contained artificial sweeteners and cheap protein versions. 

This is when I realised there was a real need for an alternative option that suits young people's nutritional profile that they can eat as everyday healthy snack.

Supported by Science & Research

I was supported by Applied Science and Nutrition University. This resulted in:

• Months of R&D work with Science and nutritional experts.

• Scientific evidence of the nutritional needs of youth athletes.

• Identifying key macro/micro-nutrients to support young people( gut, brain & body).

• How the ingredients will support the gut microbiome stability of a young person.

• How these nutrients correlate for maximum effect.

• How the nutrients are absorbed in their bodies.

Starting ProYouth Nutrition has not only provided our family with a balanced snack for our everyday lives, but also gives me the work/life balance to work around my kids.

Family at the heart

Our story started with children and continues with them. My Children take their roles as Chief and Deputy Taste Testers very seriously supported by their cousins and friends as team of taste testers. Our wider ProYouth Ambassador community of Professional Team GB athletes to young and aspiring athletes also now feed into ideation through to testing and product refinement.