Our Charity Work


We are deeply shocked and saddened by the crisis unfolding in Ukraine and seeing masses of innocent victims including families and children having face upheaval. We want to do all we can to support even in a small way. 5% of most recent production was donated to help the Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes.

We are continuing to work with a Ukrainian family organisation where we are co-ordinating the donation efforts which goes directly to neo-natal unit in Lviv and to the courageous people who are withstanding the constant attacks from the Russians. The organisations work with volunteers here in the UK and in Ukraine to ensure the much-needed provisions of medicine, food, sanitary products get to the real people in need. This is needed URGENTLY, especially now, while not all places have established humanitarian corridors that will be used by the Red Cross and Unicef.


Our drive to inspire the next generation goes beyond nutritional product and nutritional education.We also feel it is our responsibility to do our part to tap into the reach of our community to make a difference for a charities especially those in dire state. 

In addition to our donations to the Ukrainian Refugees currently facing upheaval which has been devastating, Food Bank, NHS, Armed forced and other small charities, we also chose to partner with Kickstart is an organisation that shares the same ethos and mission as us in wanting to inspire and help the next generation by teaching and coaching on life skills that gives them a stepping stone into future career life. 

Our community of young children and youth aged 5 - 18 years used their love of sports to raise funds for Kickstart. 

 “This fundraiser is an opportunity for our young sporting communities to really give back to those less fortunate in the way they know best – through sport! I cannot tell you the impact that your support will have – it may seem a small act, but each young person we work with has the potential to influence many lives’. Peter Danby, is the INSPIRE Leadership Programme Director. 

Haran Thurairajah, founder of the charity Kickstart adds: “We’re so delighted to be partnering with ProYouth on such a topical and exciting new fundraiser and it’s truly a great feeling to know that despite all the hardship at the moment, there is always capacity to help those who need it the most!”

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