V-Blog : Injury management in sports and athletes and nutritional strategies

We saw some of our ambassadors had to take a short break from sports recently, due to injury which prompted us to think about this topic. Research shows that young athletes are more prone to injuries as their bodies are still growing.

We asked Peter O'Halloran, who is a qualified in Food Science & Health, Sports and Exercise Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and PY Ambassador the most¬†common questions scoop on how to handle injuries and recovery like a pro ūüí™

In this video Peter covers the below key topics:

  1. Three phases of Injury and process of healing - Inflammation, Repair Remodelling
  2. Advice on recovery
  3. Nutritional strategies to help the healing process - role of macro and micro nutritions and what foods contain these
  4. Emotional and physical stress 
  5. Some natural Spices that can help

Nutrition info: Many people already know that protein is beneficial for muscle maintenance so after an injury this is of course key. However what people don't know is that magnesium minimises inflammation from injury which is why we've specifically included this within PY bars.

Expert info: To find out more about Peter's long list of qualifications check out his website PPT Nutrition and to follow Peter go to @peterohalloran_
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