Supporting our student athletes, PROYOUTH X RIGHTTRACK

It can be a long and lonely race when the end goal is obtaining a US sports scholarship. But, you are not alone!

In order to perform your best, you must be fuelled by the best. ProYouth performance bars are scientifically formulated to include all the key nutrients and minerals not found in other protein bars and designed specifically for active young athletes. 

We’ve got your nutrition covered, but what about the support you need to take the United States by storm?

To help young athletes prepare, we’ve teamed up with RightTrack - a company dedicated to providing student athletes with bespoke consulting through the US college recruiting process.

We got in touch with our latest partners to ask them just what it takes to score a US Scholarship...

How do RightTrack find athletes to sponsor for US scholarships?

Athletes that come on board with us at RightTrack are either contacted directly by consultants who recognise the elite potential and benefits that the US system may offer to their athletic career. Also, athletes who have decided they would like to pursue opportunities in the States can fill out a quick survey on our website, and a consultant can be in touch to discuss possibilities further. 

What exactly does RightTrack offer student athletes?

We offer bespoke consulting, which takes athletes through the whole process. This includes arranging calls and visits with Colleges and assessing the best options for the athletes based on their social, athletic, and academic needs. 

At RightTrack we have an extensive checklist designed to position athletes with the best chance of being accepted by a College and position the student in a prime place to receive a full scholarship. 

A team of dedicated tutors will assist students in revising for SAT/ACT exams. Our consultants are also trained to negotiate on behalf of the student-athletes so that they can focus on school and their chosen sport. 

Our support is not limited to the application/recruiting process. Athletes we bring on board join the RightTrack family, and we will be with you during your stay in the States. Our consultants regularly keep in contact with athletes attending US Colleges. Regularly we will celebrate athletes performances in the states, who has won a conference medal, a PB highlight, etc. Also, if an athlete has attended a College and, for some reason, it has not worked out, we will be there to assist them through transferring to a different program and guiding them through all the options available. 

An athlete will roughly join the RightTrack family when they receive their GCSE results, and we will be there to guide them until they graduate from their chosen university.

Best advice to get noticed by US universities?

The best advice is to do as much research regarding the process as possible, and seek assistance. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, 80% of the USA team had attended a College competing in the NCAA, demonstrating the elite level of performance required by some institutions to gain a spot. Don't let that scare you, but be open to reaching out for help to position your talents at the forefront of Coaches minds. 

RightTrack has worked with athletes in the Team GB set-up to world ranking Australians, who recognised that it is not just about being seen. It is also about finding the best fit for you. Whilst a college may offer a lucrative deal, it may not be the best academic/social fit which inevitably can impact your performance. 

The process is much more than just being recognised. 

What are all the types of athletes RightTrack work with? & Which of those are your primary focus?

Predominantly, RightTrack assists track and field athletes who make up around 80% of our yearly client list. However, we also work with rugby, field hockey, golf, swimmers, football players, and many other sports that offer athletic scholarships. 

Most notably, we have worked with former Arsenal FC and England under-19 international, Tinaya Alexandra, who currently attends LSU. 

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