Be Inspired, Be Inspiring – #ProYouthfamily of youth and children raised over £1000, for children in deep poverty

 The Situation

This year, funding and charity initiatives all over the world will have been anticipating funds through competitive sporting events such as marathons, cycling events and more which usually take place all year round.

But as the COVID-19 cloud continues to loom over the globe, no events have taken place since March, removing all opportunities to raise money with a huge number of crucial charities now facing imminent closures with devastating impacts on people in need.

The Initiative

With this issue so prominent in the sporting communities, ProYouth Nutrition, launched the ‘Finish Line Fundraiser’ to raise donations for the INSPIRE leadership programme, a scheme that has been unable to fulfil its plans due to travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19.

This initiative was to raise funds for the ‘INSPIRE Leadership Programme’ run by youth charity KickStart. ‘INSPIRE’ is a development and leadership programme that aims to support young people in areas impacted by extreme poverty and conflict. The programme provides a rare opportunity for them to gain life-skills and a stepping-stone into the future.

The Task – Using love for Sport

Using their love for sport the ProYouth community of children aged 5 to youth aged 18 came forward to complete a sporting challenge of their choice and shared a photo of them finishing the challenge at the FINISHLINE.  

We were moved with some of the challenges completed by the athletes. ProYouth Ambassadors Amilie and Ellise who are only 9 and 11 completed a 400m distance on hand stand walking. Wow !!

Some of the children emptied their entire annual savings from their piggy bank to donate to the fund raise. This is really moving.

 ProYouth is so proud to have a community of talented but generous and kind young community who are inspiring and are willing to give up their time, talent and money for other children in deep poverty.

The People

Speaking about the fundraiser, Marina Wegorek said:

“As a pandemic-born brand ourselves, we fully appreciate the hardships associated with this time and feel it is our responsibility to do our part and use the reach of our community to make a difference for a charity close to our hearts.

“Kickstart is an organisation that shares the same ethos and mission as us in wanting to inspire and help the next generation and we couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate and show our support for all the great work they do for their cause!”

Peter Danby, is the INSPIRE Leadership Programme Director. He has worked as a leadership coach for London Business School, and companies, NGOs and refugees in 35 countries around the world.  Also a sports coach & psychologist, he established the Inspire Sport & Leadership programme for his own charity, Small Acts of Kindness. The Inspire programme builds on that initiative

 “This fundraiser is an opportunity for our young sporting communities to really give back to those less fortunate in the way they know best – through sport! I cannot tell you the impact that your support will have – it may seem a small act, but each young person we work with has the potential to influence many lives’.

Haran Thurairajah, founder of the charity Kickstart adds: “We’re so delighted to be partnering with ProYouth on such a topical and exciting new fundraiser and it’s truly a great feeling to know that despite all the hardship at the moment, there is always capacity to help those who need it the most!”

Finish Line Fundraiser is also being endorsed by some of the nations best sporting and Olympic young athletes including:

  • Haydn Williams, 17 (400m Hurdles Gold - Hertfordshire)
  • Imogen Browne, 12 (200m Bronze – Hampshire Track and Field Championships)
  • Amilie Hunt & Elise Hunt (Gymnastics, South East Regional Champs, 2nd in Nationals).

Our efforts were even recognised by the press and was featured on the Southampton's Daily Eco.